Why The Travel Advisories Against Kenya Will Not Deter The Adventurer At Heart

Why The Travel Advisories Against Kenya Will Not Deter The Adventurer At Heart

When one hears Kenya they think of beautiful beaches, scenic views and the sunny side of the equator. So when the Travel Advisory came to be and most of the tourists heed the advice and left the country it was a blow not only to tourism but to nature and the adventurer at heart.

Helen Keller

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing due to this reason Travel Advisory.

For many, this is a time to keep away from Kenya, due to the terrorist attacks and danger that seems to be looming around the country, but contrary to that why would you want to live in fear. The travel advisory may come from a good place but as the president of Kenya said recently, we are not the only country that has such threats present in its borders.


Other countries too have terrorist threats, so why is it that Kenya should be singled out for something that is taking place in many countries. We, in the end, are all vulnerable to the dangers that come with our day and age. Yes, it would be good to be cautious, and Kenya is a country that is looking out for the best of its people as well as those who visit. Security has been heightened as well as our government has taken the necessary measures to educate and keep the public informed on what they are doing as well as what the people of Kenya should do so as to ensure their safety.

Not only this but all one has to do is walk around and feel the police presence, and its people have taken protection into their own hands. You will find that now, regular searches of passengers in and out of buildings as well as matatus has increased.


And yes, this may not be enough for one to consider coming to Kenya but it begs the question if we, as avid travelers and lovers of wanderlust, are to be stopped to find adventure then this would not be one of the only things that should stop an individual from traveling.

We can all live in fear because one never knows when they may die. It could be from a car crash, choking on some food, in your sleep, and so forth so why let the spirit of adventure die. There are plenty of things that may be of harm to one but Kenya as a country protects its own, and its people will not let outsiders deter the progress the country has made as well as diminish its image.

So don’t give the terrorists the power that they crave, trust in Kenya to protect you and show you what it is made of.