Kibo Safari Camp: Where the wild & luxury meet.

The day was turning dark, but I noticed that the birds were still chirping. I made a quick glance at my phone to reconfirm that the time was right, “5:30pm, that’s right, why were the birds still singing?” I had made myself comfortable on the balcony while I recounted what had been happening in life lately. It had been weeks since I allowed myself to slow down, to check-in with myself but today with a clear view of the changing sky and the singing of birds in the background, I took a deep breath and welcomed relaxation. It was peaceful and I felt at ease, though it wasn’t long before the mosquitoes chased me back to my room. 

I decided to leave my room and join my roommate at the open terraced bar before dinner. The bar was well lit and had a soothing fire burning in the background. With conversations brewing and laughter being exchanged in different corners of the room, the bar was bursting with life. 

It was our first evening at Kibo Safari Camp, we  had arrived earlier in the day after an easy four hour drive from Nairobi. Leaving Nairobi at 8:00 am, we were at the camp before 1:00 pm, making a brief stop at the Konza City Distinct Supermarket. 

Tucked in the scenic Amboseli National Park, Kibo Safari Camp is a few minutes away from the Park’s Kimana gate. The camp has a picturesque view of the snowy peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  With 73 tents classically designed to offer guests an authentic wilderness experience; guests can choose to stay in double, twin, triple or family tents. They can also choose to stay in the property’s new private wing, which was built to host guests who would prefer to stay on a self-catering basis.

The moment you arrive at Kibo Safari Camp, you are greeted by friendly staff who offer guests freshly squeezed juice and towels to wipe off the dust from your journey. With a spacious lobby and a quick check-in process, we were headed to our rooms within minutes of arriving. As you leave the lobby, you notice that the hotel holds to its reputation as a luxury camp. With lush greenery and the welcoming aura of both the restaurant and bar, you will definitely be struck by wonder. 

While we set down our bags, we had a moment to take in our tent. We got a twin tent to suit my roommate and I. The tent was rather spacious, with enough room to fit a third bed. With a private bathroom, I was grateful to learn that we had hot water from the shower with complimentary soaps for our use. The tent was also equipped with a mineral water dispenser. Each tent has a balcony with camping chairs where you can comfortably take in the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the hints of pink in the sky as the sun sets. With wild thickets around the tents, it was clear that Kibo Safari Camp had made the perfect blend of luxury and the wild. 

The camp has an open terraced restaurant set under acacia trees with magnificent lighting at night. Arriving at the restaurant, I was reminded of the feeling I got as a child in a toy store with so many shiny toys to pick from. Equally, the buffet at Kibo had a wide selection of food with soup, salad, meat, chicken, rice, potatoes and desert. There were so many meal options to pick from each with their enticing aroma. 

As I sat down for lunch at the well-set table, our drink orders were quickly taken. The food at Kibo was rich in flavor, worthy of a happy dance after the first bite. My roommate and I found ourselves creating extra room for our favorite dishes; at lunch it was the rosemary chicken and at dinner it was the meat from the BBQ station. We tried, but we couldn’t make room for the clay oven made pizza. We did, however, have room for fruits and vegetables, which we learnt were hand-picked from the camp’s farm.  

The camp has its charms that promise to soften your heart as you enjoy your vacation. From an older elephant that has its meals on the edge of the property to the abundant bird feeders that welcome birds. Kibo Safari Camp is the place to visit to remind you of the beauty of life; the sounds of birds, a sky full of stars and the feel of the wind on your skin. The staff at the camp are also really friendly but also not too in your face, quickly offering assistance when you need it. 

There are plenty of things to do at Kibo Safari Camp. To relax and rejuvenate, the camp has a pool and a spa facility. To satiate your spirit of adventure, there are the game drives which happen in the early morning and the evening. I am biased to enjoying the morning game drives more as watching the sun rise over the Amboseli was a textbook movie scene. Watching the sun paint the trees and savanna golden yellow was so satisfying, as the animals sauntered around the park. This time I was grateful to see the hyenas rather than just hearing them laugh through the night. With wildebeests walking in packs, giraffes gracefully making their way through and the odd lone elephant finding its way to the swamp, the game drive is one I would repeat on several occasions. Hopefully spotting a lion the next time. 

The night was calm and I admitted to myself that I did not miss the sounds of the city. I didn’t miss the honking of cars nor the rush characteristic of active cities. I appreciated the silence as it gave me room to think, to plan and organize my next steps. “This was the time I needed,” I affirmed to myself, “this was the break I needed.” As we were ushered to the bonfire, I sat comfortably on the lawn chair and took a moment to look at the sky. The dark sky was abundant with stars, each shining brightly as a delicate reminder that life is grand. I was softly brought back to reality by the singing of the Maasai Morans, our entertainment for the evening.

The next morning I packed my bags regretfully, wishing I had stayed much longer, a minimum of two nights is enough to fuel your batteries and start feeling like yourself again. 

About Kibo Safari Camp

Kibo Safari Camp

Kibo Safari Camp is a luxury tented camp in Amboseli National Park in Kenya at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

The property is rated 1st out of 6 properties in Amboseli on TripAdvisor

Who is this perfect for? 

The Camp is perfect for friends, couples and families. 

The safari is a much richer experience when you are surrounded by people you love.