What is an
African Safari?

If you would like to see some of the most stunning and truly gorgeous animals in their natural habitat, an African Safari offers the best opportunity. Whether it’s the regal African Lion or the majestic African elephant, a Safari affords you the pleasure of watching wild animals interacting in their ‘homes’, hunting and even courting.

But perhaps the most interesting part of an African Safari is the chance to make a positive impact on wildlife conservation efforts and the wellbeing of local African Tribal communities while you enjoy night-time game drives, game-watching sundowners and guided game walks in Africa’s glorious scenery.

Still, we believe the ultimate African safari is much more than a holiday or a quick escape. This journey will be remembered, relived and thought of fondly for many years to come. Therefore it has to be perfect.

So why be tied to a set group tour or a set itinerary? Our experienced guides can help you design a tailor- made African safari; explore at your own pace.

What is a Tailor-Made African Safari?

With the option of a private vehicle and an exclusive guide just for you, a tailored African Safari let’s you fully immerse in the African sensation; being enveloped in unspoiled wilderness and intriguing wildlife adventures. If you want to push the limits of how you experience what Africa has to offer, a tailor-made African safari gives you have the freedom to modify or re-define your entire trip!

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