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South Africa

South Africa has over 50 million people, 11 national languages with a rare mix of African tribes and European and Asian settlers. South Africans love their sport and in particular the outdoor activities, you can dive with great white sharks in Cape Town, or even walk among lions and leopards in Johannesburg Lion Park. The interior of the country provides most remarkable wildlife sanctuaries in the world. National parks such as Limpopo Transfrontier has captured the imagination of wildlife enthusiast across the world. That is why South Africa has the highest repeat tourism of any destinations in the world.

The rainbow nation’ is a name given to the country for nothing their diverse and rich culture is nothing to leave behind.Their culture is seen through homes,beadwork,art and craft and cultural events in the rural areas which you wouldn’t miss.For those with no love for nature,you don’t have to worry ,once you’ve learnt the history and beauty of Durban ,then it’s time to indulge in some real fun and relaxation in the city. KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Garden is the top tourist site not quite as big as Durban but still just as fun.

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