Top 5 Secluded Camps In Maasai Mara

Top 5 Secluded Camps In Maasai Mara, Kenya With Less Than 10 Tents

The Maasai Mara is a vast corridor that traverses the Kenyan south. In this great plain, you just don’t want to be anywhere. Tourists always seek the best vantage points to experience the most memorable holidays at the Mara. Here are five top secluded camps in the Mara that you may want to consider as a holiday destination. Each has less than 10 tent facilities. They are in no particular order.

For those that desire to escape the concrete jungle but hold onto some of the luxuries, this is the place for you. Pepper camp gives both the African wild experience and the luxury of modernity. The canvas camping tents are stylishly furnished with Indian furniture, a hammock, en suite bathrooms with flush toilets, traditional safari showers and a private verandah. Guests will enjoy equipped 4×4 bush safaris, guided walks into the wild with local Maasai warriors, bush breakfasts with wildlife grazing a mere 50 meters away and sundowners of the spectacular grasslands view!

Location: Mara North Conservancy
Accommodation: 8 en suite tents – 4 doubles and 4 twin tents.


Privacy is spelled S-E-R-I-A-N. This bush camp offers a variety of locations and vantage points. The diversity from camping in a tree house to lodging in the escarpment to camping by the river with hippos gives one the liberty to find their comfort and privacy. The tents are privately situated and give guests an ultimate privacy experience. The camp is not strict with an itinerary and gives guests a lot of information with a lot of freedom to choose due to their various camping points. To ensure this, Serian offers designated vehicles with a guide and spotter to guests at their beck and call. If you want to drive around all day or sleep in, it’s up to you. The vehicle, guide and spotter will always be there for you at no extra cost. One can alternate camping locations at Serian. Guests will enjoy Safari walks, 1-hour hot air balloon rides and hunting experiences with local Maasai warriors.

Location: Main Camp in Mara North Consevancy
Accommodation: 7 tents in Serian Main camp


Entumoto is that place on the postcard. Located on the Megwarra escarpment, Entumoto provides stunning views of the Mara plains. The sunrise and sunset views in the dawn and dusk of day only rival the Milky Way star stream that can be seen in the dead of night. This camp also provides the luxury of furnished tents, each with two divans, a comfortable bed and a private veranda. Entumoto is ideal for families with children. It has the rare comfort of a swimming pool and trained rangers for the children. The camp offers not only day game drives but night drives as well. Guests will also enjoy the company of a professional, knowledgeable guide, cultural visits to local Maasai homesteads and open-air meals with the scenic view before them.

Location: Megwarra escarpment, on the border of the Maasai Mara reserve
Accommodation: 4 family tented suites, 5 double or twin tents, bathroom en-suite, perfect for couples.

Mara Toto

Mara Toto camp is every photographer’s dream destination. The camp provides the experience of wildlife density. For anyone who desires to see animals in their most natural habitat and in their diversity, this is the place to visit. Unique to this camp is the live view of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Great Wildebeest Migration. Mara Toto has multiple species of birds in its conservancy and thus offers a spectacular treat for bird watchers. Guests will experience adventurous game drives in their stay by watching the food chain take its course in the wild. The camp offers photography equipment for hire during their safaris on a first-come first-served basis. The images are downloaded and burnt on a DVD for guests as a souvenir at the end of their stay. Also available in the camp are trips to local Maasai homesteads and hot air balloon rides for that unmatched aerial view of the savannah grasslands. The camp schedules and itinerary are flexible to the convenience of the guest. One can surrender a custom made itinerary that they will tweak for your comfort. Mara Toto’s camping experience is similar to that of early African explorers.

Location: Maasai Mara Game Reserve
Accommodation: 5 tents.

Enkewa Mara Camp

Enkewa is the home of distinguished flora and fauna. The camp is in the middle of a sparsely populated forested area on the border of Serengeti National Park. It is considered to be the wildest area in the reserve. In this area, rare species such as leopards, the black rhinoceros and the wild dog can be seen. Since the place has no heavy tourist activity, the local Maasai community has preserved most of their ancestral cultural activities. This is a rare treat for the guests of Enkewa. The camp being at the foot of Kalema mountain provides a spectacular view over the plains of the Mara and the Savannah grasslands. Guests will enjoy walks into the wild with professional and knowledgeable guides, day safaris on 4×4 vehicles with Maasai spotters, sundowners in the evenings, Maasai homestead visits and hot air balloon rides over the splendid topography. Unique to this camp is the night safaris. Enkewa is the ideal example of what it means to be away from the city life. The camping tents are complete with en suite bathrooms and showers. International and Mediterranean cuisines are a unique treat for Enkewa visitors.

Location: South east border of Maasai Mara National Reserve
Accommodation: 5 tents