Top 3 Pocket Friendly Restaurants That Serve African Food In Nairobi

Top 3 Pocket Friendly Restaurants That Serve African Food In Nairobi

If you are visiting Nairobi and you would like to treat your taste buds to an African meal, here are 3 pocket friendly restaurants that will leave you wanting for more.

Habesha Nairobi

When Ethiopian and Eritrean food is mentioned in Nairobi, Habesha restaurant is the first to come to mind. Most visitors who go to Habesha crave for their savory Injera meals. The meal consists of a soft edible sheet of fermented rice with vegetables, meat and legumes on it. It is eaten with the hands and is a favourite delicacy for many. Habesha is also very affordable. In the recent Inaugural Taste Awards, Habesha was voted for best Value for Money Restaurant. Those who would like to taste the Ethiopian coffee, Bunna (boo-na), will find Habesha the right place to do so. The restaurant ‘s visual presentation is also replete with Ethiopian culture.

Amaica Kilimani

If there is an eat-out joint that defined Kenya’s food culture, it is Amaica. Amaica is borrowed from the western Kenya tribe of the Luhya. The word means ‘the cooking stones’. African culture is known for placing three stones in a triangular position and using them as a stand for the casserole (usually a clay pot) as the cooking fire combusted underneath. This is still practiced. Amaica serves at least two meals from every region of the country. Their best cooks are experts sourced from the traditional African villages. Their food is the most natural you will find in the city. They rarely use manufactured spices to flavor their food. Their food’s exquisite taste comes from naturally grown herbs and spices. The prices are mid-range.

Kula Korner

Kula Korner is a name twist that blends Kiswahili and English; it is the Eating Corner. This restaurant is one of the first that inspired African cuisine in the country. Their inspiration has not died or lost taste. Their African food still stands top. They are reputable for their roasts and grill at their Choma Korner. Look out for Korner Baridi when you get to the restaurant. At the Korner Baridi, they serve delicious smoothies, shakes and frozen yoghurt. For fantastic coffee tastes, look out for their Kahawa Korner. Kula Korner is highly reputable for hygiene and fast delivery.