The experience of a tailor-made Kenya safari

Have you been saving for that holiday that will forever be engraved in your memory? After being in an office setting with laptops and files glaring at you all day, bosses breathing down your neck and routine wearing you out; all you need is that one incredible vacation, a change of scenery, and there is no better place than the very heart of Africa, Kenya.

Kenya takes pride in its diverse culture, incredible landscapes, beautiful coastal scenery and the icing on the cake is the wildlife that will appeal to your wild side. The escapade starts at the heart of it all, Kenya’s beautiful capital, Nairobi. The safari is tailor-made just for you to suit your preference.

Humanity and the wild up to date are yet to have a peaceful co-existence, but in Nairobi, this impossibility has been brought to life. The Nairobi national park is located just seven Kilometers away from the Nairobi city center skyscrapers. The park has provided a home for a variety of animals some being as vicious as lions and wherever the predator is, the prey is never far off; with this in mind, the park also has gazelles and zebras in plenty making it a sight to behold.

Nairobi also has a variety of tourist attraction points including David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Giraffe center, Karen Blixen Museum, Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Railway Museum, Nairobi National Archives just to mention a few.

Out of Nairobi, Kenya has so many scenic wildlife views starting with the African pride and the seventh wonder of the world, the Maasai Mara annual wildebeest migration. The safari gives you an opportunity to experience the adrenalin rush as wildebeests run across the Mara, jumping into the crocodile-infested Mara river and still making it to the other side. Other than hosting such a beautiful sight, the Mara has wildlife in abundance with the chances of seeing the big five being almost certain. To get a variety of similar scenery we have Tsavo east and west national park and also the Amboseli national park. The beauty of such places is the connection one gets to have with nature as most areas of residence are camps which gives you the feel and experience of the great outdoors even at night.

Kenya is also endowed with lakes like Lake Nakuru which due to algae, attracts a magnitude of flamingos. These beautiful creatures increase the aesthetics of the vast lake making it a sight to behold. Ever seen a natural Jacuzzi? Kenya has been gifted with one that can best be described as magical, at Lake Magadi. However, the Jacuzzi is always at boiling point, the water temperatures range from 80 °C to 86 °C which means, sadly one cannot take a dip in the water but at least boiling an egg is a viable option. The water is constantly heated by volcanic rocks below the ground. Lake Magadi is also a saline lake, owing to the heat, the water’s evaporation rate is so high so much so that it leaves salt deposits behind. This is where Kenya as a country gets most of its salt.

After visiting all these beautiful places there is no better way to tie the whole vacation into a perfect bow than to visit the Kenyan coast. The sandy beaches, snorkeling, swimming, and many more activities will leave you nostalgic. The residential areas in Mombasa are also the epitome of relaxation with their standards ranging between four and five stars. Once you experience this heavenly African country you will never ask for more. This beautiful country has so much to offer, these destinations are barely the tip of the iceberg. Karibu Kenya (welcome to Kenya)