Why We Recommend Safaricom Mobile Internet While On A Kenya Safari

Why We Recommend Safaricom Mobile Internet While On A Kenya Safari

When you travel to Kenya for safari, you may want to upload some of the pictures you took on Facebook. You may want to tweet about your epic journey into the wild Savannah. For those who blog you may want to keep your site updated with the latest excursions and adventures you have experienced. Or you may simply want to check your email to keep in touch with particular people during your safari. You need a good Internet connection for all these. I believe everyone is in accord that there are few things that heavily frustrate you as unstable, inefficient Internet connectivity. For your safari in Kenya, we recommend Safaricom mobile Internet. Why?

Broad connectivityReliab

Safaricom’s main business is telecommunications. They are the leading mobile phone company in Kenya. Arguably, they have the broadest network coverage in the country. Even in remote areas, the Safaricom signal is very good. Their Internet signal follows their network. This is an advantage because even if you’re in the remotest parts of the country, you can access Internet because of their broad strong network all over the country.

Very Fast Internet

Safaricom has a 3G network that boasts of the fastest mobile Internet connectivity. Their mobile Internet speeds range to as fast as 21Mbps. The speed of the Internet depends on the bundles that you buy. On your mobile device, simply dial *544# and the Internet options and products to purchase will be available to you.

User Friendly

The Safaricom Mobile Internet is user friendly. Purchasing bundles and checking on your Internet speed is a smooth process through their user-friendly menus.

Pay at the end of the month

For those who cannot keep up with frequent data purchasing, Safaricom offers their Mobile Internet users the opportunity to pay for their bill at the end of the month. For heavy Internet users, this package may be attractive so as to avoid the hassle of reloading bundles.

Transfer of bundles

Safaricom Mobile Internet also offers a service where one user can transfer their bundles to another’s. You can collect Internet bundles from other users who may not use them. Safaricom’s premier Mpesa service (mobile money transfer) also allows users to purchase Internet bundles from their cashless account.


Another important thing to notice is that Safaricom rarely has downtime.


Tourists living in first-world countries will find Safaricom’s charges to be cheap by comparison. In comparison to other mobile Internet service providers, Safaricom is the more expensive.

Safaricom SIM cards are cheap by all standards and widely available in several parts of the country. You can even purchase one at the airport once you arrive.