Heated Swimming Pools

Hotels In Nairobi With Heated Swimming Pools

The weather in Nairobi is generally cool. The days are not too hot and the nights are not too cold. Some say that Nairobi has the perfect weather in the world. However, it gets cold in June and July- though nothing compared to any snowy winter. It rains heavily from March to May. The rest of the year is pretty warm. Some days in September and end of year get really hot, however. Swimming is a popular activity in the city of Nairobi especially on weekend afternoons. You can locate several public swimming pools at an affordable fee. However, if you are thinking of relaxing in a heated swimming pools, there are specific locations that offer that.

If you are staying in a hotel in Nairobi, accessing their heated pool should come as part of the amenities to enjoy during your stay. If you have friends come into the hotel to spend some time with you, they will have to pay a fee to use the pool. Some hotels in Nairobi require that only visitors who eat at the hotel get to use the pool. If you are not sure about your visitors using the heated pool, you can always ask the hotel. Some of the hotels will allow you to swim in their heated pools at night.

The following hotels have heated pools:


The Sankara pool is popular for its unique architectural characteristic; it edges out of the building. You can see the ground floor, several floors down from the rooftop swimming pool with a partly-glass bottom. The hotel is located in Westlands area, about 5 kilometers from the City of Nairobi.

Fairmont Norfolk.

If you are staying in the city, the Fairmont Norfolk offers a countryside colonial experience in the outskirts of the concrete jungle. The hotel has existed since pre-colonial Kenya and has maintained their antique look. Their heated pool will only reinforce the holiday and historical experience.

Laico Regency.

Laico is often associated with class and elegance. The hotel has been in the country for ages and has maintained its classy features. It is allocated in the Central Business District of Nairobi. Their heated pool does not fall short of their elegance. This swimming pool is ideal for anyone who has their activities within the CBD.

The Boma.

Away from the city, in the suburbs is the 5 Star Boma hotel by the Redcross. Boma is one of the latest hotels in town and is reputable for state of the art facilities. Their heated pool matches their standards. This pool’s location is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the city and its hubbub. Also, anyone taking a dip before they catch their flight may like this heated pool as the hotel is not far from the airport.

Crowne Plaza.

This exquisite hotel is located in the centre of a business section of the city called Upperhill. It is surrounded by international companies, banks and embassies in a growing concrete jungle of breathtaking skyscrapers. The businessman who does not want to be far from his work can relax in the Crowne Plaza heated pool within their working vicinity.