Hotels And Lodges With The Best Kids Programs While On A Kenya Safari

Hotels And Lodges With The Best Kids Programs While On A Kenya Safari

Safaris in Africa ought to be nothing less than relaxing and memorable. Parents at times may find children a nuisance when going out; however, not in Africa. The safari experiences in Kenya are catered for the entire family. The next time you and your spouse want to relax and get that alone time, you don’t need to leave the children behind or have a nanny tend to them as you enjoy the magic of Kenya by yourselves. Tag them along in your excursion for the Lodges With The Best Kids Programs. They will not only enjoy the trip and create fond memories with you; they will also have a specialized treatment if you visit some of the following areas:

Mara Interpids

Mara Interpids is part of the Heritage Hotels in Kenya. The destination is right in the heart of the savannah near the great Mara River where close to two million wildebeests cross every year, making up one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It offers a luxurious camping experience in the wild. All the luxuries you would love are available at Mara Intrepids. This is great for children who may get cranky with a drastic change in environment. The camp is very comfortable with facilities such as swimming pools, making children most relaxed. Mara Interpids is self-proclaimed as having the best kids clubs in the region for cultural and wildlife edutainment. This program will keep children entertained, educated and very active in your stay at the Intrepids. The children will interact with local Maasai naturalists who specialize in plants and wildlife knowledge and survival tactics. There is an on-site obstacle course for the children as well. When your kids leave the place looking like little Tarzans, be assured you gave them a great holiday!

Sarova Whitesands

Located in the north coast of Kenya, Sarova Whitesands is arguably the most loved hotel by the sea. The luxury of the hotel stands unparalleled among many hotels in the region. The hotel is attractive to parents because it caters specially for children. The hotel has specialized staff to take care of the children and keep the parents free. There are indoor and outdoor activities for the children. Outdoor activities include swimming (with waterslide), beach walks and small nature trails. The Bamburi nature trail is not far from the hotel. Parents may want to accompany their children on this particular activity as it is very memorable. The indoor activities are under the Ozone club. This club specifically caters for children aged between 4 and 12. The club has toys, children films, arts and craft sessions, PlayStation 3 video games and a mini playground. The hotel also offers babysitting services. You can have that candlelit dinner with your spouse without worrying about the baby.

Other areas

Apart from those two that stand out, you will find almost every hotel with a facility to cater for children. However, even if the location you lodge in does not have many activities for children, your kids can enjoy the following activities when visiting certain areas:

Rift Valley: When visiting the breathtaking Rift Valley, you may want to consider Hell’s Gate national park. Children interested in hiking adventure will find this a gem of a venue. When visiting Lake Naivasha, you can hire mountain bicycles for the children to ride around the lake. You can watch a game at the Nakuru national park.

Maasai Mara: The famous Maasai Mara is always memorable for children. There are multiple lodges and camps. You will be spoilt for choice. In each one of them, you can engage in nature walks in the wild with local warriors, visit local Maasai communities and dance with them while enjoying their culture. Children will be awed by the hot-air balloon rides especially just before sunrise. Animal spotting in the vehicle rides and the Great Wildebeest migration will also be a fascination for children.

Nairobi: Nairobi offers a lot of modern fun activity such as GP Kart racing, waterslide swimming at Splash and the Village Market, carnival rides at Rock City, movies cinemas, paintball fights in Lang’ata, window-shopping in malls and bowling at the Village Market. You can also game watch at the Nairobi national park. Children can also visit the Giraffe Centre where they get to touch and feed the giraffes. The national museum and the snake park are fantastic destinations too.

Coast: Swimming is number one at the coast. Children will enjoy watching dolphins in Diani’s boat adventures. Snorkelling at the coral reef in the south coast will leave indelible memories etched in their minds.

Site seeing: If your children love travelling, the beautiful countryside as you drive in Kenya will leave them craving for a second trip. Grant them a trip in Kenya and you will not be disappointed.