The Best Time To Travel To Masai Mara (Get The Best Of Your Kenya Safari)

Going On An Africa Safari As A Solo Female Traveler? You Must Know This

When one thinks of travelling, they ready their troops and embark on a group trip with the ones they love. That is all fine and dandy but sometimes it’s good to take some African Solo Safari and see the world by ones lonesome. But for ladies, this is hard to do especially if they are planning a trip to African countries because most have a fear of what could happen if they went at it alone. Well we say, put your fears aside and see why it would be one of the best trips you will take.

Their many misconceptions about Africa that are floating about, but to put your mind at ease following the simple tips we have for you below.


Always be prepared before you leave for your African Solo Safari. First, it would be advised to do research about where you are visiting so that you could get a feel for the environment and its people. This is convenient because you will learn the dos and don’ts about how to dress, the cultures that are present and so forth.

When you finally get to your destination inform your people or the hotel/ people you are staying with about your whereabouts that way they will be able to locate you in case you get lost. Having a guide would be good as well in the instance you are not conversant with your environment.


Travelling alone gives you a chance to experience everything to the fullest. You get a chance to immerse yourself in the culture and do what you would like to do without the hustle of the group mentality taking center stage. Your guide will help you set your own pace and if you want to go at it without one then here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Most people in African countries are friendly and will help you out whenever you need, but it’s advisable to not pay attention to random people calling out to you especially if you are alone.
  • Your safety is of paramount importance so always try to keep to yourself and always have an emergency contact when need be.
  • Always have medical supplies with you for the basic things just as a reserve, one can never be too vigilant about their health.
  • Another advantage of travelling alone is that you get a chance to engage more because you are not in a group. You will have enough time and more fun this way and who wouldn’t want to do that. That after all is what travelling is about.

Now take the lead and enjoy some R&R with yourself in a country filled with beauty and wonderful culture. This are among the reasons why you should pack your bags and try African Solo Safari.