Aberdares Country Club

What Everyone Ought To Know About Aberdares Country Club In Kenya

There I was, aboard a bus full of tourists, heading to Nyeri town to see the country’s pride-Mount Kenya. I was the only local in the bus and thus the reference point for the tourists to direct all their questions. The Mexican and the Americans were particularly inquisitive. Had I been to Mount Kenya before, they asked? Why not yet I was married to a girl from Central Kenya? Are people in Central Kenya friendly? Would we see some Lions? What was Mount Kenya like? Is it true that it has snow on its caps? I answered these questions with remarkable nonchalance as if to brag that this beautiful country was just another usual day in my life. Little did I know that my bravado would dissolve .in the breathtaking view of what I was going to see in a few minutes, Aberdares Country Club .

The Aberdares Country Club was our destination.

The country club is located in Nyeri County on Mweiga Hill in the Aberdare Highlands. It would take you three hours to drive from Nairobi City. You would have to go through Nyeri town and drive for a further 15-20 minutes to get to Mweiga Hill. The road is very good all the way, and yes, the people are friendly.


We drove past the main gate of the Aberdare Country Club and in a matter of seconds I knew that I too would need someone to answer my questions. It was all too much to take in. Where would I start? Were those Warthogs walking past the humans? Those zebras and gazelles could see us right? I mean, they weren’t statues or sculptures were they? I had seen zebras and gazelles before but this was different. They were so close to the bus and to the humans outside. We drove deeper into the club and witnessed more peculiar extraordinary sightings. The monkeys watched the golfers tee off. The multicoloured peacocks walked flamboyantly by the guest rooms and balconies.

These animals coexisted with the humans like domestics do. Beneath all that wildlife was the neatest greenery. It was as if each grass leaf was commanded by Mother Nature not to grow an inch past the other. It was uniform; it was orderly; it was beautiful! Above the grass, shot out huge trees trunks with evergreen foliage. Not a wilting leaf in sight. The Garden of Eden had been revived and I had to admit that this was not another usual day in my life.

The Aberdare Country Club is homely. It wasn’t just the amiable welcome we received from dancing Kikuyu traditional dancers. It was the ambience and the topography. The Country Club’s buildings hold the charm of a private home. The location was originally called “The Steep.” It was named by an English couple who owned the place in pre-colonial Kenya. Decades later, it was opened for guests and renamed the Aberdare Country Club. The homely experience gives an intimate feel. It was as if you always belonged there even if it was your first time.


The backdrop of the Country Club is the masterpiece of this 1300-acre paradise. A number of miles from the buildings, just before the horizon, is a towering wall of black. It has traces of deep green on the foot and patches of pure white at the top. Rising 5199 meters, the backdrop of the Aberdares Country Club is Mount Kenya, the second highest Mountain in Africa. The sight is nothing short of glorious from this vantage point.

The Terrain

The Country Club provides rangers for its visitors. You can take a walk into the wild terrain under the supervision of the rangers. Visitors can take walking excursions and come face to face with animals such as giraffes, zebras and Thompson gazelles.Deeper into the terrain, one can see reclusive leopards. All the while, Mount Kenya stands majestically to complement the scenery.


Though we did not reside in the country club for the evening, we learnt that the accommodation facilities are specially catered for families, honeymooners and those that require lots of private space in their stay. Part of their accommodation facilities includes: 2, 3 and 5 bed-roomed cottages, standard suites and a VIP suite for those that desire the superior vacation.



You can play golf as the warthogs, peacocks and monkeys watch you test your swinging skills. For the adventurous, hiking may be your preferred way to spend your time. Horseback riding into the terrain is available too. All level of riders can enjoy an indelible romantic experience. For those that have had too much animal, vehicle safaris are offered. In the safaris, rhinos, baboons, leopards and chimpanzees can be spotted. Bird watching is a loved activity in the country club too. One can spot over 150 species of birds.


You can also choose to rest in the club and enjoy the pool and spa treatments. You may wind it up with a cocktail or special Swahili drink “dawa” as you watch the sunset. They call this the Sundowner.

Official and Social Visits

The Aberdares Country Club does not lock out official and social visits. Beyond the massive acreage, the club offers impressive facilities for:

  • Conferences and meetings
  • Team Building or bonding Activities
  • Corporate Functions including golf tournaments and product launches
  • Weddings
  • Bush breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Schools and Children outings

You may think I may have spoken too highly of the place. Well, none of my relatives own it (though I wish they did). Though I beg to differ. My words fall short of the experience at the Aberdares Country Club. But don’t take my word for it. Take a drive and experience it first-hand.