what to wear while on a Kenya safari

A Brief Guide On What To Wear While On A Kenya Safari!

Wanderlust catches us all at different times and we want to be prepared with Safari Wear in case the occasion arises. It is important to carefully select Safari Wear in order to avoid inconveniences. The love for travel is one that needs preparation so that when you embark on it we are comfortable and can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Kenya is the country in the sun, with wonderful weather and amazing nature it’s the go-to destination for many tourists who want a taste of the wild. There many areas one can visit not only in Kenya but the rest of Africa as well. But there a few Safari Wear items that one would need in order to make their stay here all that better and much more exciting with the hustle of clothing all sorted out.


If you are one with nature and love to get up close and personal with animals then this are the few things that you would need.

  • Light/ Airy: Carry with you clothing that will allow your body to breath and not cling on to it. An appropriate Safari Wear includes short sleeved shirts and dresses. You will find that you can keep warm but not too warm that you fill like you are stuck in a heater. As for pants, you should consider something khaki or wool as stated earlier as well as shorts. These Safari Wear items are good because with the heat you will be fine when you go for your game drives and nature walks. Be sure to invest in a good pair of safari boots and socks to protect your feet when you go out into the wild. But if you are on a game drive, sandals and light footwear like loafers are acceptable.
  • At night it is advisable to have long sleeved p-jays because of the mosquitoes and the weather at night can get a bit chilly, so you will have the added advantage of being warm and keeping the bugs at bay. For the nightlife its good if you have a trusted jacket to keep you warm as well as scarfs which are easy to carry and are multi-functional.

Now for those of you, who love to relax, see the scenic, as well as historical sites then here, are a few things you will need.

  • Less is more: you will need just the essentials when you travel at this time of the month, so carry items like sandals and swimwear because it’s that time to take a deep and relax. Scarfs are a good addition because they are easy to carry and they come in handy just in case it gets a bit chilly at night. You should also have your trusty jacket for the early morning and evening time when the sun is not in view. If you will be going for game walks and the like, do carry safari boots, that way your feet are protected. The hat is the most under stated item but of importance for it protects you from the sun, so be sure to have this item with you when you travel. Do not forget a good hat will come in handy to protect you from the golden rays.

So in summary the essentials are:

  • During the warm weather: shorts, khaki pants, long and short sleeved wool shirts, dresses, bikinis, sandals, loafers, and safari boots.
  • During the cold weather: jackets, scarfs, socks, long sleeved shirts, safari boots, a rain jacket, sweater and a good pair of p-jays.

So there you have it, basic necessities that will make your travel all that more comfortable. Be sure to check the weather updates prior to your visit so you know the right items to carry for the occasion. So get your gear and embark on your journey.