African Group Safari Experiences

Fancy An African Group Safari? What You Need To Know

The African continent is a marvelous hub of culture, animals and people which offer endless opportunities. The growth rate of tourism has been outstanding. People have visited the continent as individuals, couples or even as corporates, but one of those safaris is actually as popular as the African Group Safari. This is especially ideal for people looking to travel ‘alone’ while also enjoying the company of like-minded individuals along the way. If you have been dabbling with the idea of whether or not to go on a group African Safari. Below are a few things you need to know when choosing the right group for you.


 Educational Group Safaris

This is tailor-made for the geek in you. Here you can expect to engage with some of the best scenery there is as well as well-rounded groups of guides and fellow adventurers that are ready to learn and share all they know about the animal kingdom.

Most lodges that offer this type of safari ensure that you reach remote areas. This will offer you an in-depth educational look at the area you are visiting.

Pocket-Friendly. One thing can be sure about is that the costs, will not be as high as one may think. Due to the hands-on feel of this Safari, you can find lodges that offer you great rates that won’t break the bank.

Small Group Safaris

Make a long lasting connection with Africa and your fellow adventurers. This is perfect for the people who love to be social while getting a taste of culture. From prime game viewing drives to one of a kind sundowners with your guide and fellow adventurers, this Safari offers you fun with a mix of luxury.

Enjoy some alone time. But if you would like something a bit more intimate then not to worry you can still enjoy a group Safari that will offer you privacy. For example, instead of sharing a room you could opt to get a single room, but remember this may come at an extra cost.



An African Group Safari is mostly preferred by people due to the reasonable costs that are involved. If not from the reduced cost of room and board due to sharing, you will find save money by doing the following things:

  • Going during the off seasons – By doing this one will find that you are saving close to forty percent of what may have originally been paid if you went during the high season. (Try the rainy season which experiences some beautiful sunsets and you can still view animals during the day when the rains are low or not at all)
  • Getting a little closer to nature – You could try and opt for the camping option which is cheaper. Remember, these days camping has become luxurious so don’t worry about the essentials or your favorite things. Also, you could try the self-driving option.


Every group will have an experienced adventurer. One thing you can be sure about when on a small group safari is that there are one or two people who have been on numerous adventures. This comes in handy in the case of an emergency and you need to think quickly on your feet.

Small group safaris are a great place to make lasting connections. In the beginning, African safaris were reserved for the wealthy. But with the changing times more and more people are able to move about. In the case of small group safaris you will that there are people from all walks of life. From entrepreneurs to accomplished professionals, you will make a friend and probably a business connection as well.

It’s not specific rather, broad. Here you will find that because they are catering to a larger audience there may not be time to cater to everyone’s request to see certain animals. But you can get to see the animals you want if you book small group safaris or those that cater to your specific needs.

It’s an all-rounded experience. Lodges and agents offer so much more when it comes to small group safaris. It may be broad but that also helps when it comes to variety. You can enjoy a game drive in the morning and a spa treatment in the evening. There are different small group packages that are for romance or those that are the true African safari; you will still get to enjoy the best at a good price.

Groups are less flexible but you can opt for the latter. Choosing this as an option you will find on things such as game drives you will not have much flexibility to take photos or move around so if you are going for the photography you may want to opt for a private tour which still allows you the chance to socialize but gives you the freedom during game drives.

African group safaris will definitely leave you content with your time in Africa as well as the connections you will have made.