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The Kenyan train system consists of the idyllic traditional chug of fire against metal and puffing of smoke in the air. It's classic! The train system that was introduced by the Britons in the colonial period has touches of Britain's trains in the appearance of the carriages, inside and outside. The railway and train system is run by the Rift Valley Railways company (RVR). RVR operates from Mombasa Port in the East to Uganda, far west, deep into the land. RVR is predominantly a freight transporting company. However, commuter and passenger services for anyone who would like to traverse the country are available.

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Xplorato Ventures is an all-round travel solution provider. We can assist you in booking a seat on any train service operating in Kenya or Tanzania, subject to the seat being available.

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xplorato-aboutWith a strong emphasis on sustainable travel practices Xplorato Ventures can provide you with anything from classic to luxury safaris.
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