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You all have heard about the natural wonders of its self the: Victoria falls right!?  The magnificent body of water cascading over the Batoka Gorge is just spectacular, a view that I’m rest assured will stay with you for life. Culture and heritage on the other hand makes the country a centre of interest, however the burial site of Cecil John Rhodes is in Matobo National Park where one can also find Africa’s largest collection of rock art, thus don’t need to travel far since the local historians are on board too to take you through and explain Livingstone’s explorations and the country’s history. Like the saying goes there is something for everyone, establishment of world class hotels has overall, standards that are exceptionally high – whether at a homely mid-range camp like or at a honeymooner’s paradise. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge you can obtain on safari, with the team of well-trained guides who display the expertise in their skill.

You don’t have to seek out wildlife: from the stunning national parks to the large herd of elephants all at your doorstep. The country is also renowned for its birdlife with more than 600 recorded species.  The diversity and volume of wildlife is outstanding. Despite the fact to having a wide range of animal species, humans too are worth to mention, for sure this is something you can’t take for granted.

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