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You don’t need to fear animals any longer. Zambia has been known as a country with a guarantee of having wildlife in a park without having a fence, sounds fearly! Worry not since you have the privilege to enjoy the sightings of leopards. Visitors could be forgiven for thinking they are in the Mediterranean at times but they are convinced they are in Africa when the sun sets, due to the large lake Kariba that is the largest water body in Africa. The campsites, self – catering villas along the edge of the lake makes it have a French Riviera feel of the area.

A morning bush walk on the wild side makes the country fun to visit. The level of knowledge of the tour guides makes it special since the density of animals is huge. One of the wonders is that Zambians grow in traditional rural settings more than the bush men yet they are so informed. The green banks and elephant-filled islands of the mighty Zambezi flank the park on one side and a high and densely forested escarpment on the other. It’s a few hours’ drive, the astonishingly remote area with densely forested escarpment on the other side. It’s impossible to leave the natural wonder that has exhausted the superlatives in the dictionary in attempts to describe it, but none manage to do it justice, and that is the Victoria Falls. There are a number of activities on offer in and around the fall example being the zebras and giraffes that graze on the lawns.

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