Fine dining is a trend that has slowly taken hold of the Kenyan people. One will find that more people are choosing to have a nice dinner out with friends instead of staying in and having the same meal they did the previous night, and restaurants have noticed this. You will find a plethora of them lining up the streets of Nairobi. But when one is a true foodie there is more to the fine dining experience than just what meets the palette.

Rooftop restaurants offer diners a unique experience that combines food and ones senses to delight the mind, body and soul. But the best of the best are located in beautiful hotels that highlight style and luxury at an affordable rate for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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I have had a long and fulfilling affair with coffee for years and will unashamedly find any occasion, any time of the day, to have a cup – or more – of coffee. The British introduced coffee growing in Kenya around 1900 and the demand for Kenyan coffee today is so strong that it is the country's third largest cash crop. Bean aficionados on Kenyan coffee related safaris get the exceptional opportunity to observe life and production on modern coffee plantations, explore a selection of coffee varietal, and (of course!) enjoy a hearty helping of not-to-be-missed game-viewing safari adventure.

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The sunrays rise in the cloudless skies melting away the morning blues as the day gently unfolds. Driving through Nairobi's Central Business District, you pass skyscrapers, billboards, motor freeways and flyovers with carefree drivers whizzing by scarcely contemplating the developments and innovations around them that barely existed a decade ago.

You drive on, arriving at the gates to Nairobi National Park and as the city's hustle and bustle fades away, everything around you starts to transform. You catch the wind's sighing, the leaves' rustling, and the birds' chirping. The park is teeming with wildlife and the endless rolling plains, riverine woodlands and thick bush-lined valleys are just a few of the park's varied habitats that majestically reveal themselves the farther on you drive. As you delve deeper into the mysteries of the park, a stunning realisation dawns – you are in the presence of wildlife with a backdrop of an entire throbbing and buzzing city! Where else can you find this?

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