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Hotels in Nairobi with the best roof top restaurants

Fine dining is a trend that has slowly taken hold of the Kenyan people. One will find that more people are choosing to have a nice dinner out with friends instead of staying in and having the same meal they did the previous night, and restaurants have noticed this. You will find a plethora of them lining up the streets of Nairobi. But when one is a true foodie there is more to the fine dining experience than just what meets the palette.

Rooftop restaurants offer diners a unique experience that combines food and ones senses to delight the mind, body and soul. But the best of the best are located in beautiful hotels that highlight style and luxury at an affordable rate for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Below is a look at our top five picks of rooftop restaurants.

Level 8 - Best Western Premier


Enjoy a contemporary style. Located along Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham, Nairobi, the Best Western Premier is chic and stylish offering dinners a contemporary yet modern dining experience with cuisines from around the world. With a health club that has a rooftop pool feature; this hotel is one of the go to hotels for not only food but leisure.

Feast your eyes on a view money cannot buy. When we think of Level 8, we think of a skyline that will melt our hearts. Not only is it an award winning Bar & Lounge, the establishment offers you a relaxing experience as you say goodbye to the day with a sunset that will help you leave your worries at bay.

Level 8 offers dinner's local and international cuisines as well as a vodka made only of grapes, now who wouldn't want to see that? Sit back, relax and enjoy a rooftop feast of the senses.

Where is it located? The Best Western Premier is located about 7 minutes from the CBD and 30 minutes from JKIA.

Tabourin - Villa Rosa Kempinski


One word to describe it: there are none. The Villa Rosa Kempinski is the perfect definition of " get your money's worth." They say nothing is perfect but we say this hotel comes pretty close to achieving that. It oozes luxury as soon as you step in, from the ambiance to the great customer service, you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the Arabian Nights in Nairobi. The Tabourin is exotic with a beautiful back drop that offers fantastic hues that relaxes you as you enjoy a drink or maybe some shisha with friends. This rooftop location not only has the right music soothing you but they also offer a wide range of Arabian delicacies that are made to perfection.

If you are looking for the Aladdin experience with a Nairobi sunset, then look no further.

Where is it located? The Villa Rosa Kempinski is located just 20km from the airport (JKIA), on Chiromo road.

Sarabi Restaurant and Supper Club at Sankara


Sankara Hotel is luxury at its best. A five star hotel located within Westlands, Sankara is your little hub of indulgence in Nairobi. The inside boasts stylish and one of a kind décor that offers you an experience that is made just for you. The rooms offer one space and a view that cannot be beat with art stemming from Africa to amenities that are a dream, you can expect all that and more.

Sarabi: An ambiance of chic relaxation. This rooftop location provides you a hub of relaxation by the pool during the day to an al fresco dining experience by night. Sarabi offers you a scrumptious selection of tapas, juices and cuisines that go well with the scenic view of the Nairobi skyline.

Not just your ordinary lounge, if you are looking for a social experience then this is the place to visit with events such as the Sunday Movie Night that is present from 7:30 pm with a selection of bites that go well with the movie of the night.

Where is it located? Sankara Hotel is located just a few minutes after the CBD, within Westlands, Nairobi.

Waterhole - Ole Sereni


Ole Sereni is convenience at its best. Ole Sereni Hotel is conveniently located next to the airports in Nairobi, and is an award winning hotel that overlooks Nairobi's National park, on Mombasa road. With African inspired décor the hotel is known not only for its excellent amenities and features but also for its local and international array of cuisines.

Come be one with nature. The Waterhole can be considered the foodie hub for most Kenyans and travellers. This beauty is a two in one location because while it is a simple yet modern café during the day, at night it transforms to a relaxing bar, perfect to end the day at.

It has a picturesque scene and you are guaranteed to enjoy some delicious local and international cuisine not to mention a steakhouse that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Where is it located? It is 10 minutes away from JKIA and Wilson Airport.

Nest - The Tribe


It is all about the views. With more than one scenic view to drink in, The Tribe Hotel will leave you feeling like you are definitely one of the tribesmen/women. The hotel is one that never disappoints and the aesthetic leaves up to the luxurious standards that its patrons expect. You not only get a beautiful feast for your eyes in the rooftop bar but you also get to enjoy the well put together architecture and décor of the location. From the rooms to the dinning, nothing was left to chance here.

Simple, cozy and a dream is what you can expect at The Nest. If you are looking to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still have it within sight, then this is the location for you. The Nest is an outdoor bar that gives you simplicity and warmness that makes for a cozy experience with friends and loved ones.

With affordable drinks here you can sip on their famous martinis while you enjoy some shisha and intimate spaces.

Where is it located? Tribe is located along Gigiri Road, on the outskirts of Nairobi.

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