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The camp is an architectural delight built to utilise and preserve its natural surroundings – it conveys the classic dreamy Hollywood image of Africa. It offers complete tranquillity and privacy and is picturesquely set in undulating savannah backdrop and dwarfed by the commanding presence of the pink-tinged, snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Kibo Safari Camp is definitely one of Kenya's best-kept secrets.

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Imagine endless miles of golden grasslands stretching to touch the sky in the horizon. Imagine scattered acacia trees in that horizon with flocks of birds descending on the wobbly flat tops seeking resting spots for the night. Imagine the red African sun setting behind the silhouettes of giraffes, zebras and buffaloes. The tails of warthogs stick above the grass like aerials of a vehicle seeking for solace. The sky is streaked with pink and orange colours as day turns to dusk. The first bright stars begin to shimmer as the sky fades from blue to black. The roars of the lionesses colonize the distant air, evidence of their success and a not-so-luck prey. Dinner is served for the predators. Miniature glowing green lanterns rise in dozens from the savannah grass. The fireflies are the first to awaken as Africa gets ready for bed. All is quiet except for the sloshing of the Mara River, whose bank you overlook as you stand on the balcony of a beautifully crafted Mahogany cabin. As the fireflies are strewn in the air, three feet above you, the frogs in the riverbank begin their intermittent baritone croaks woven together with the whistles of unseen crickets. A cool evening breeze sweeps up your face and shivers your body. You contemplate returning to your warm, furnished room before a light blanket wraps around your shoulders. You turn to face the love of your life. They hand you a sundowner as they hold you close taking in the spectacular view. It's private, it's quiet, and it's perfect-an ideal getaway for a man and a woman in love, spending intimate time in the natural beauty of a romantic safari.

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Day 1 - Nairobi/ Masai Mara

Drive through the kikuyu farmland at the edge of Rift Valley. Descend the escarpment and drive via Narok to Masai Mara game reserve. Lunch at camp. Afternoon game drive.

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