Develop an intimate relationship with Kenya(Nairobi, Lewa, Naivasha and Masai Mara), its people and its prolific wildlife on this 9 - day safari, staying in small, exclusive camps as you fly around the country.

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Mombasa and the southern coastline with turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches are a perfect holiday get-away that many suggest is a tropical paradise. The Indian Ocean's colorful coral reefs and drop-offs are a scuba divers haven with sea turtles, dolphins and a plethora of reef fish.

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Meru is the least visited of Kenya's larger national parks. This park was the setting for Joy Adamson's book "Born Free" and it remains nearly unspoiled even today. The scenery is varied, wild and beautiful, from woodlands to wide-open high grassy plains and has many rivers running through it.

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xplorato-aboutWith a strong emphasis on sustainable travel practices Xplorato Ventures can provide you with anything from classic to luxury safaris.
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