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The thrill that comes about when you try something new and exciting can never be replaced. But one of the best adventures if you are thinking of heading to the Mara for some much deserved R&R, taking a Hot Air Balloon Safari over the beautiful scenes of the Mara.

Below find a few of the experiences you can expect to experience that will mentally prepare you for an amazing time in the blue.

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The sundowner is an essential part of safari life and dates back to the time of the great game hunting safaris of the 1920's when cocktails were always served as the sun began its descent and the wildlife were ideally emerging into the cool of the evening. Today, though the hunting days are gone, the tradition of the sundowner endures – with good reason. To the uninitiated, it may be difficult to envision the exceptional treat and Africa safari experience in store. However, for old hands, it is one of the golden joys of safari life... a perfect end to a remarkable day in an incomparable land.

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Merriam-Webster defines a predator (pred•a•tor noun \ˈpre-də-tər, -ˌtȯr\) as an animal that lives by killing and/or eating other animals. On a safari, one comes across abundant predators – wildlife species – but hardly give a second thought to how they affect the natural food chain. Here, in the wild, the evolutionary theory of 'survival for the fittest' is best exposed.

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