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Aberdares National Park

Aberdares National Park

Photographers & landscape lovers find the scenery in Aberdares to be unsurpassable. The mountain ranges of Aberdares have peaks that soar to almost 13,000 ft, then plunge down to v-shaped ravines with streams and rivers, cascading waterfalls and a wide variety of flora & fauna - it's a place of unspoken beauty.

Above the forest lies miles of open moorlands and craggy hills with stunning views of the Rift Valley and the peak of Mt. Kenya. Elephant, buffalo, bushbuck, red duiker, suni, colobus monkeys, leopard and the occasional black rhino, roam the forests, moorlands and river valleys.

Bird life is abundant and varied with four species of brilliantly colored sunbirds, francolins, Ayres' hawk eagles, sparrow hawk, goshawk, mountain buzzard and many more. The park is easily accessible from Nairobi and often the perfect start to an extended Kenya wildlife safari.

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