Ernest Wamboye Wakhusama

Ernest Wamboye Wakhusama

Ernest Wamboye is a writer and editor working in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also a volunteer Brand Ambassador at and an origami artist and storyteller at Arts & OAK, a company that he founded. Ernest is married to Waturi and they both live in Nairobi, Kenya.
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Safaris in Africa ought to be nothing less than relaxing and memorable. Parents at times may find children a nuisance when going out; however, not in Africa. The safari experiences in Kenya are catered for the entire family. The next time you and your spouse want to relax and get that alone time, you don't need to leave the children behind of have a nanny tend to them as you enjoy the magic of Kenya by yourselves. Tag them along in your excursion. They will not only enjoy the trip and create fond memories with you; they will also have a specialized treatment if you visit some of the following areas:

When you travel to Africa, you will experience a lot of art in the culture. One of the most beautiful arts is African music. Africans have a unique style in their genres because of their traditional instruments and traditional tunes. Some of the instruments are available for purchase and are not expensive. If interested look for the following: Oud, Nyatiti, Jembe, Oriti, Flute and Kayamba. Even if you cannot play them, they make beautiful sets to hang on the wall. They also serve as fantastic souvenirs.

When is it best to visit Tanzania?

I really depends on where you are going. Tanzania is a huge country and has different weather patterns. Areas around Moshi, Arusha and Kilimanjaro are generally cool through out the year. Generally the country is warm, experiencing rain between March and May. If you are interested in sunny beaches and coastal tides, then end of the year and January is the best time. The weather is perfect for the beach and the festive season will not disappoint. The National Parks are open throughout the year.

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