Benjamin Wayumba

Benjamin Wayumba

Benjamin Wayumba is a scientist and fervent writer. He is a graduate from the University of Nairobi and has his passions in Medical Research, Languages and Culture studies. He is currently studying Korean language to satisfy him of this continuous thirst and quest for new understanding. Benjamin is a believer in and investor of peer mentorship among his circles. He has a peaceable personality and enjoys an occasional travel too. Get to know Benjamin better on

You have gone for the wild safari in Kenya's Game Reserves and National Parks, you have conquered all the bumpy forested trails and hikes... so what next on your safari list!! Well, Why not try out a new experience-swimming with the whale sharks or 'papa shilingi', as they are referred to in local Swahili language. A cool relaxed swim with whale sharks in the clear ocean waters is no doubt an experience of a lifetime, a unique wildlife encounter that is bound to keep you craving for more.

In the past few months, Kenya's National Parks and Game Reserves have witnessed grisly sights of elephants and rhinos gunned down by poachers. These innocent animals are brutally killed, largely for their ivory tusks and horns. Part of the tusks and horns are normally buried deep under the skin, hence the poachers leave these animals horribly disfigured after hacking their heads apart in order to get the tusks. Lives of healthy and beautiful animals, with potential of living up to 70 years, cut short because of human greed. A sad picture indeed!

The movie starts with animals, predominantly elephants and giraffes, strolling across the grassy savannah with the rugged volcanic mountain sitting majestically against the landscape. Little Alakay is dancing and playing elatedly with his father – who is seeking to get his attention, but with minimal success. These are the opening scenes of the infamous sequel of the Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa.

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