Spending several hours in a car is worthwhile if the drive's destination is Kenya's heavenly Northern Frontier. As you go up north past the equator and Mount Kenya, you will encounter the culturally beautiful people of Samburu, Turkana and Borana. Here, Kenya boasts of splendid wildlife and exquisite scenes as well. A great adventure of the Northern Frontier of Kenya can be experienced in two amazing tourism destinations: Sasaab Lodge and Joy's Camp.

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Deep within Kenya's lowlands lies a sanctuary where a lioness 'Kamunyak' once adopted a young Oryx calf, a land where nomadic pastoralists and their livestock co-exist freely with wildlife and the Nyiro River meanders its course lazily across the milieu. These are the Samburu National Reserve, Shaba and Buffalo Springs Game Reserves - the best of Kenyan parks for landscape, photography and scenery lovers.

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xplorato-aboutWith a strong emphasis on sustainable travel practices Xplorato Ventures can provide you with anything from classic to luxury safaris.
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