Poaching is to animals what genocide is to humanity. Rarely are we led to think of it like that but it is true. If animals shared the intellectual capacity to voice their cries, hearts would break. Despite the rise of anti-poaching organisations such as the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Born Free Foundation (BFF), the poaching cancer still grows. While not everyone can assist these organisations actively, another stance can be considered to fight poaching. One of these ways is through tapping into the cultural activities of communities.

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In the past few months, Kenya's National Parks and Game Reserves have witnessed grisly sights of elephants and rhinos gunned down by poachers. These innocent animals are brutally killed, largely for their ivory tusks and horns. Part of the tusks and horns are normally buried deep under the skin, hence the poachers leave these animals horribly disfigured after hacking their heads apart in order to get the tusks. Lives of healthy and beautiful animals, with potential of living up to 70 years, cut short because of human greed. A sad picture indeed!

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