Africa has unquestionably beautiful tourism destinations. Only in Africa will you find scenery like the pyramids, the great wildebeest migration, snow capped mountains on the equator and exquisite animal species like the zebra and giraffe. However, albeit the attraction, many countries in Africa have a knack for dangerous political elections. The famous coups in the Islamic north, the religious wars in the west, the racial feuds in the east and south are what come to mind. It begs one to ask a pertinent question. Is our country, Kenya, safe to travel to?

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There has been a notion that 'Wildebeests are scarcely more prone to injure their own species than man is to oppress and injure his fellow-man.' Indeed, considering what tempers we have, and what tempers exist in others, and what frequent occasions of interference we have with each other it is no wonder that such a concept would hold true in our world today. This has previously been demonstrated in various countries – Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria - in the past years, Kenya included, especially where elections have been hotly contested between two rival political parties or leaders. This being an election year in Kenya, perhaps the biggest concerned for the myriads of regional and international visitors and tourists is whether it is safe to travel to the country as it gears up for elections on March 4 and or April 11 2013?

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